Testing and Certification

FirmLogix offers Firmware Testing Services to help DEVICE DRIVER developers accelerate their designs and drastically reduce the bugs seen by their customers.
FirmLogix leverages their combined Device Driver development expertise, Operating System and systems experience to provide comprehensive Firmware Testing Services.
FirmLogix provides daily communication and weekly documented status reports to keep clients in the loop. Bugs are entered straight into product's bug tracking system and can be accessed securely by the customer.

FirmLogix is setup to support your company’s short-term and ancillary long-term testing needs. A hierarchy of the FirmLogix basic testing service core competencies is outlined below:
  • Firmware Test Plan
  • Test Plan joint review
  • Firmware Testing
  • Testing Results
  • Bug Report
  • Bug Repair
  • Performance Analysis
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Reduction in bugs seen by the customer

FirmLogix also provides systems software compliancy testing and/or certification (e.g., Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) testing to obtain the Windows Vista logo for your products. FirmLogix manages the entire process from start to finish using Vista DTM (Driver Test Manager).

The list is constantly expanding and evolving, please inquire.