How We Work

FirmLogix will adapt our system software design services to squarely meet your development needs.

Statement of Work

FirmLogix excels at determining what software development is truly needed. Our goal is to direct you to the solution that best fits your needs. In fact, we will not hesitate to offer you an available off-the-shelf solution (if one exists), or another company’s proven source code, that could provide us little or no monetary return.

The first step is to formulate a comprehensive statement of work (either supplied by your company or developed by FirmLogix).

Initial Strategy and Estimate

FirmLogix will then expeditiously research and present an initial development strategy and estimate for the project to your company. 

Once you have had a chance to review and critique the initial strategy and have indicated that we should proceed, FirmLogix then prepares a detailed engineering services proposal.

Proposal and Contract Phase

The engineering services proposal provides a project description, further refines each of the high-level tasks and functions required for the development effort and provides an estimated schedule of deliverables.

The estimated times are generally presented in man-days where one man-day is equivalent to nine man-hours. FirmLogix will perform the system engineering services described in the proposal either on an hourly basis, charging for actual development and test time as directed by your company, or for an agreed fixed allotment of time.

Actual development time and cost may vary based on availability and quality of source code, the number of developers working in parallel and availability and access to detailed information. The proposal will also attempt to capture key assumptions, constraints, concerns, issues and unknowns.

Preliminary Hardware and Software Review

Once a proposal is accepted and a contract is signed, the development team will perform a preliminary analysis of the hardware, source code, and other relevant materials related to the development effort. FirmLogix developers will set up the target hardware and associated environment and then verify functionality. Setup of the development and build environment will also be performed, as required.

Architectural Phase

FirmLogix will engage in a brief software architectural design phase to optimize the design for the software components that comprise the project. We will create a formal design document for your review and critique. If any modifications to the estimate arise as a result of the review, they will be approved at this design phase by you - prior to starting development.

Development Phase

As your system software development partner, FirmLogix will participate in a weekly status call and written summary. The customer will be notified of problems and successful passing of milestones during this call and in the summary report.

Release Testing and QA Process

FirmLogix will utilize a three-phase testing process. Once the initial deliverable code is complete, the developer will release the source code to QA for archiving who will submit it for code review. At the completion of code review, QA will build the driver and forward it to the developer for release testing. FirmLogix systems engineers will collaborate with your testing personnel to identify and resolve any defects through Alpha, Beta and Final release phases.