BIOS/Firmware Development services Expertise in all areas of BIOS development: Off-the-shelf or customized BIOS Customization, Adaptation and Debug, for Notebook, Desktop and Server embedded designs, and all aspects of the system management software design and development.

  • Special expertise in ACPI and Power Management
  • Leading edge technology experience in IPF/IA64 including EFI
  • Chipset porting: Audio, Graphics, Networking (wired/wireless), Communications, EC, Headless, Cardbus
  • Firmware development for microcontrollers (AMD, Freescale, Intel, Marvell, Silicon Labs, PIC, TI and ARM)

FirmLogix firmware development expertise is in the areas of ACPI, power management, Plug and Play, and device enumeration for embedded and portable systems. We have developers with extensive expertise in developing ASL code and comprehend system states, including S3 and S4BIOS.

Proficient with all the latest industry standards, hardware, and debug tools. FirmLogix adapts and enhances your BIOS, provides industry standard compliance while supporting your custom requirements.

FirmLogix has extensive industry standards experience with ISA, PCI, IA64, AGP, USB, firewire (1394), Cardbus, audio, graphics, video and storage. We review your system design, project specifications and/or schematics to validate compliance of your product with the latest industry standards including Microsoft's Hardware Design Guide and the ACPI specification.

BIOS Development Skills

  • Leading edge technology development
  • In-depth knowledge of assembly language programming
  • Serial console redirection
  • Creative debugging skills to resolve tough problems
  • Experience with debugging tools such as In-Circuit Emulators and Logic Analyzers
  • BIOS test and qualification
  • OEM Hardware Platforms
  • Embedded Systems
  • Single Board Computers
  • "Headless" Systems
  • Internet Appliances
  • Set-Top-Boxes
  • PC 104
  • VMEbus


  • PCI
  • Plug and Play
  • APM
  • ACPI
  • USB
  • Firewire (1394)
  • SMI