You Make Devices. We Make Drivers.

FirmLogix offers professional system level software design, kernel device custom driver development and porting, and firmware design services to companies that encompass a broad range of PC, embedded and consumer market segments. The FirmLogix client list consists of semiconductor companies, original equipment manufacturers and various service companies.

We also offer test services including firmware utility and test development, certification (e.g., Microsoft Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Server(s) WHQL compatibility testing services. Products that are submitted to and pass these tests at Microsoft are allowed to display the Microsoft Windows logo on their marketing materials and are included in Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)).

Docker application packaging: FirmLogix will pack your applications in a Docker container or show you how to DIY. Other Docker Services: Create & deploy a standard developer desktop and repeatable, automated build & test environments to accelerate application development.

We’re Home Grown.

FirmLogix is an “onshore” outsourcing design services firm comprised exclusively of senior developers located in North America (no H1-B Visas or outsourcing), with headquarters in Austin, Texas. This allows us to provide immediate support by phone, email, or on-site for our clients. There are no “night-and-day” time zone or communication barriers. You have direct access to the veteran developer that you select to lead or assist your project.

We Maintain Extensive Industry Relationships.

We have extensive relationships and experience with industry standards groups and trade associations, all of the major operating system companies, fab and fabless semiconductor merchants, and system manufacturers. These relationships provide critical and timely technical insight and market advantage for our clients.