Super Hero Openings

FirmLogix is seeking senior Android and Windows 7 Graphics low-level system software developers.

Contractors should have following skills and experience:

Android Developer

  • Serious driver experience(duh) with a good chunk of that Linux
  • New hardware bring up experience
  • Able to read C++ code well (Android middleware is C++)
  • Demonstrated ability to dive into a huge pile of code, quickly figure out what's probably irrelevant and drill down in the right place
  • Has worked closely with hardware designers before
  • Nice to have: know how to use jtag debugger and that sort of tool
  • Has embedded experience
  • Has in depth knowledge of some relevant SoC: OMAP, Snapdragon, whatever Intel Atom.
  • Understands well - at least one highly layered driver stack(USB, SCSI, dss2, and so on)
  • Has "Git-r-Done" attitude and, at least for this project, avoids "cs research" like bunny rabbits avoid coyotes.

Windows 7 Graphics Developer

  • Understanding of PC & Windows OS architecture
  • C++ object-oriented design & development (BSc/BASc: 5..7 yrs; MSc/MASc: 3..5 yrs; PhD: 1+ yr)
  • Win 7 or Vista kernel mode driver development (2..3 yrs)
  • Windows 7 or Vista kernel-mode graphics driver development (1..2 yrs)
  • Windows 7 or Vista user-mode graphics driver development (2..3 yrs)
  • WDM (Windows Driver Model) development (not specifically for graphics) (3..5 yrs)
  • Use of software debuggers such as WinDbg (2..3 yrs)
  • Design & programming of operating system threads in a Win-x86 architecture in both kernel & user modes (2..3 yrs)
  • PC and/or embedded system performance analysis and optimization
  • Nice to have: OpenGL experience.

No Rock Stars need apply.

Please e-mail your resume to: