Management Team

Mike Warren, Managing Director

Mr. Warren brings a 26-year industry business prospectus that includes demonstrated accomplishments in the design and serviceability of semiconductor components, motherboards and add-in cards, market and business development, and selling for fab/fabless semiconductor merchants, system software engineering service companies, and intellectual property licensing companies that span major blue chip giants to leading edge upstart companies.

Comprehension of hardware architectures, system software, firmware and device driver development, power management and open standards enables effective communication with engineers, and simplifies translation of technical functionality into sales and marketing plans, technical proposals and contracts. Mr. Warren has a unique skill set to create and execute marketing and business  strategies to match industry leading hardware and system software development expertise to real world customer needs.

Mr. Warren earned a B.S. degree in E.E., an M.S. in Engineering, and an M.S. in Engineering Management, all from Northeastern University in Boston.

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Our Philosophy

The FirmLogix LLC corporate philosophy is simply team effort and equitable sharing in the success of every project. The key members of the development staff at FirmLogix LLC are active participants in this employee-owned company. Therefore, the work and the reward structure are shared with all members of the FirmLogix LLC team. This candid approach ensures our customers the absolute best service.