Board Support Packages & Porting

FirmLogix has successfully executed several projects that required the porting of different Embedded and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), and the building of complete applications for that platform. We have worked with proprietary Embedded RTOS and most leading RTOS including:

  • Microsoft XPe / Windows CE / Magnito
  • VxWorks
  • pSOS+
  • Nucleus Integrity
  • QNX
  • LynxRTX / VRTX
  • Linux / embedded Linux / FreeBSD

FirmLogix generally develops the complete Board Support Package (BSP) for the target operating system and performs validation with the RTOS vendor’s test suites. Device drivers for all the peripherals on the target hardware are developed or ported and then tested. Then the complete target application is integrated with the BSP and the device drivers.

FirmLogix has successfully delivered turn-key solutions when called upon to design the complete system which included the architecture. Board design, RTOS porting, and application development can be entirely performed or managed by FirmLogix. This integrated offering of a complete hardware and firmware solution is a unique service that FirmLogix offers.

FirmLogix’s engineers are familiar with a variety of tool chains and development environments such as WindRiver’s Tornado and/or for equivalent platforms for other operating systems. We have experience in using a variety of tools such as task profilers that are provided as part of the tool set that help in performance benchmarking/tuning. Our experience in various technology domains such as networking (wired/wireless), storage, audio, video, and graphics and broad market exposure (PC, embedded and consumer electronics) ensures that we provide a completely validated system to the end customer.

Semiconductor firms also leverage our experience with design reference platforms based on their silicon. They can also rest easy knowing that FirmLogix has demonstrated competence to provide their complete target solution.